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GAZBANK, JSC CB offers an individual approach to each customer, based on mutually beneficial cooperation. Any efficiently acting legal entity, both a large industrial enterprise and a small and medium business enterprise, can get a corporate loan.

Within the framework of implementation of the credit policy, the bank works with companies, which meet the following basic criteria according to their parameters:

  • At least 6 months have passed since the registration of the company;
  • The company has impeccable business reputation and a stable position in the market;
  • The company has a stable financial position;
  • The company has a positive credit history in GAZBANK, JSC CB and other banks;
  • The management of the company is ready to provide financial and economic information on the activity of the enterprise (business);
  • The enterprise is situated in the Samara Region or at the location of branches of the bank.

A significant positive factor is the availability of the main settlement account in GAZBANK, JSC CB.

Basic conditions for lending

Loan term
  • Short-term up to 1 year
  • Intermediate-term from 1 to 2 years
  • Long-term from 2 to 5 years
Interest rate

It is fixed individually depending on:

  • the financial position of the borrower;
  • individual loan conditions;
  • the degree of collateral liquidity;
  • the state of the financial market.
Types of loan products
  • Standard loan with one-time provision of funds;
  • loan in the form of a credit line (revolving/non-revolving);
  • bank guarantees;
  • participation of the bank in financing the customer’s leasing transactions;
  • Loans to customers’ settlement accounts if there are no or insufficient funds (overdraft).
Repayment procedure

The bank together with the customer sets the most favorable mode of repayment (in equal amounts, at the end of the term, an individual repayment schedule).

Intended use

To carry out economic activities, including:

  • Working capital financing (indicating a specific goal);
  • Acquisition, repairs and upgrades of fixed assets;
  • Expansion of the existing production, introduction of new technologies, development of scientific, technical and innovative activities;
  • Acquisition of inventory items;
  • Other goals related to the statutory activities of the customer.

  • Cash, precious metals and stones;
  • Liquid securities;
  • Bank guarantee (preferably Banks included in TOP-50);
  • Pledge of real estate assets (residential houses and apartments, non-residential buildings and structures, plots of land);
  • Pledge of fixed assets (vehicles, machinery and equipment, preferably non-specialized equipment);
  • Guarantees of legal entities and individuals;
  • Other forms of collateral.

The amount of collateral must cover the principal amount of the loan, as well as possible costs of the Bank related to the enforcement of pledge, taking into account the individually established discount for a specific type of pledge.

Property insurance

Separate types of pledged property must be insured against all risks, which may lead to its loss, shortage or damage (in case of pledge of vehicles – damage, larceny (stealing, robbery, assault), loss or theft) in accordance with the Insurance Rules of the Insurer.

GAZBANK, JSC CB provides loans to small and medium business entities, including with the use of targeted resources of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Russian Development Bank”. Information on the state Program of financial support for small and medium enterprises is available on the official web-site of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Russian Development Bank”.

Dear customers!

Time for consideration of the loan application depends on completeness of the information provided and documented by YOU. From the day of receipt of the full set of documents the bank shall consider the loan application within not more than 5 working days.

Specialists of credit departments of the bank will provide you with advice on any lending issue. You can get advice at the bank’s offices and by phone.

Samara: (846) 310-30-07, 310-09-09.

Concessional lending programs have been developed for employees of a number of large enterprises-customers of GAZBANK.

Having drawn up a preliminary loan application on our web-site, you send the main information of interest to the bank without spending time on collecting the full set of documents.

Our employee will surely contact you.