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Exchange rates
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
USD 58,53 60,37
EUR 68,57 70,73
Precious metals
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
Gold, 1 g 2369,23 2441,39
Silver, 1 g 30,84 32,42
Platinum, 1 g 1730,54 1828,41
Palladium, 1 g 1629,79 1721,97

Savings certificates

GAZBANK JSCB rates for registered savings certificates

Sum (RUR)/term (days)from 60 to 100 from 101 to 200from 201 to 369
from 500 000 7,25% per annum 8,35% per annum8,5% per annum

GAZBANK JSCB rates for bearer savings certificates

Sum (RUR)/term (days) from 30 to 100 from 101 to 200 from 201 to 369
from 500 000 7% per annum 7% per annum 7% per annum

Terms of issuance and circulation of registered savings certificates
(of 09.09.2015)

Terms of issuance and circulation of bearer savings certificates
(of 09.09.2015)

Dear Clients!

Please note!

The following types of monetary funds placed in a bank are not subject to compulsory insurance in accordance with Federal Law No. 177-FZ of December 23, 2003 "On Insurance of Individual Deposits with the Banks of the Russian Federation":

  • Bank accounts (in the deposits) of lawyers, notaries and other persons, if such accounts (deposits) are opened for the implementation of professional activities provided for by the federal law;
    (In the amended version of Federal Law No. 270-FZ of December 22, 2008, No. 410-FZ of December 28, 2013)

  • Bearer bank deposits, including those certified by savings certificates and (or) bearer bankbooks;

  • Funds transferred by individuals to banks for trust management;

  • Funds deposited in the branches of the banks of the Russian Federation located outside the territory of the Russian Federation;

  • Electronic funds;

  • Funds placed on nominal accounts, except for certain nominal accounts, which are opened to trustees and beneficiaries under which are wards, collateral accounts and escrow accounts, unless otherwise is provided by this Federal Law.
    (Clause 6 introduced by the Federal Law No. 218-FZ of July 21, 2014, as amended by Federal Law No. 432-FZ of December 22, 2014)

  • Funds placed by individual entrepreneurs in subordinated deposits.

Best regards, GAZBANK JSCB