Good News Service of Gazbank

(846) 310-09-09
224, Molodogvardeiskaya Street, Samara, 443100, Russian Federation
Exchange rates
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
USD 58,53 60,37
EUR 68,57 70,73
Precious metals
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
Gold, 1 g 2369,23 2441,39
Silver, 1 g 30,84 32,42
Platinum, 1 g 1730,54 1828,41
Palladium, 1 g 1629,79 1721,97

Money orders

Transfers are made at no account opening if not related to carrying out entrepreneurial activity, investment activity, acquisition of rights to real estate or if made at participation of individuals – entrepreneurs.

List of tariffs for banking services rendered by GAZBANK, JSC CB to individuals at no account opening
(in effect from July 3, 2017)

List of companies having entered into an agreement with GAZBANK, JSC CB, under which the company pays the Bank a fee for acceptance of cash from individuals and its transfer to the company settlement account