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Exchange rates
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
USD 58,53 60,37
EUR 68,57 70,73
Precious metals
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
Gold, 1 g 2369,23 2441,39
Silver, 1 g 30,84 32,42
Platinum, 1 g 1730,54 1828,41
Palladium, 1 g 1629,79 1721,97


A card is a convenient and safe payment instrument. Its holder gets immediate access to the bank account.

A card provides the following opportunities:

  • receive cash in local currency in the global ATM network and cash points;
  • pay for the goods and services in any shop which services cards, without any cash;
  • pay for the goods and services via Internet;
  • not declare money at the card account when going abroad;
  • use the bonuses and services provided by the bank and the payment system.

If a card is lost, the money at the account is safe: the card is protected by a PIN code known only to its holder.

You can select a card type that suits you most depending on your needs.

  • Debit card. Transactions are permitted within the card account balance.
  • Debit card with an overdraft option. Transactions are permitted within the card account balance plus a credit (overdraft) possibility is stipulated.
  • Credit card. Its holder may pay for the goods and services and withdraw cash from an ATM out of the credit funds within the established limit and the card validity term.

Debit cards may be either personal or salary ones. A personal card is the card you request yourself for your own needs. A salary card is provided by the employer (for payment of salary directly to the card account).

Issued card types

Gazbank issues and services cards of two international payment systems: VISA and MasterCard as well as cards of the MIR payment system.

Besides, cash can be withdrawn at the cash offices of Gazbank using the cards of the VISA, MasterCard, Union Card and MIR payment systems.

Bank card usage rules in effect from June 1, 2017