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224, Molodogvardeiskaya Street, Samara, 443100, Russian Federation
Exchange rates
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
USD 58,53 60,37
EUR 68,57 70,73
Precious metals
as of 29.07.2017
We buy at We sell at
Gold, 1 g 2369,23 2441,39
Silver, 1 g 30,84 32,42
Platinum, 1 g 1730,54 1828,41
Palladium, 1 g 1629,79 1721,97

Press Center

  • Address: 443100, Samara, 224 Molodogvardeiskaia Str.
  • Tel.: (846) 310-31-10
  • Fax: (846) 337-90-17

Popova Zhanna
Director of the Department of Corporate PR Policy and Marketing:

Dear colleagues, welcome to our press center!

To be modern today means to take an active part in global information processes. This means that every day we apply all the forces to create and develop positive contacts with you.

We know and are sincerely glad that no significant public event will escape from the sharp views and pens of journalists. I wish you to remain faithful to your professional principles and always be in a good mood.

Most of you know that Gazbank's team welcomes and supports your endeavors - from creative projects to social actions. You can get answers to any questions you are interested in.

We are not afraid to take full responsibility for every word spoken and the action made, because we are perfectly aware of the great importance of creating an open information space between us, building the atmosphere of trust and understanding.