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as of 29.07.2017
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Platinum, 1 g 1730,54 1828,41
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Year 2017

In February International rating agency Moody’s once again confirmed a high long-term credit rating of JSCB “GAZBANK” at level B3, with stable outlook.

For the last eight years International rating agency has been confirming the stable outlook for Gazbank, which means the high stability and reliability of the Bank in the Russian financial services market.

In March Gazbank sponsored an annual arts festival “Student Spring” that was held in Samara State University of Economics. The funds provided by the Bank were spent on creation of festival scenery, purchase of costumes and stage property and for installation of the lighting equipment required for the final show of the festival.

In May, as part of preparation for International Children Protection Day, Gazbank sponsored Samara municipal kindergarten No. 231 where children from low-income families are nurtured. Responding positively to the request of children’s parents, Gazbank participated in purchasing of sports equipment and playsets facilitating children’s development.

At the same time Gazbank bought presents for 220 handicapped children from Samara. For the fourth year in a row, children who are unable to attend citywide festivals dedicated to Children Protection Day due to their health condition have been given presents from Gazbank and have them delivered to their homes. A good tradition goes on.

Prior to the schedule date, Gazbank started issuing and servicing “Mir” cards. Pursuant to recommendations of Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Gazbank has planned to ensure the transfer of budget salaries to “Mir” cards by December 31, 2017. It is done as part of the payroll card projects entered into with budgetary institutions of the Samara region and there will be no revocation of existing payroll cards.

In June Gazbank sponsored a number of medical institutions of Samara as part of celebration of Health Workers Day. The funds were provided to “Samara city dental clinic No.1”, “Samara dental clinic No.3” and “Samara city clinic No. 9 of Oktyabrskiy district “.

At the same time Gazbank provided financial support to an annual orthodox Trinity festival held in Bolshaya Carevshina settlement at the foot of Carev Kurgan. More than 5 000 people took part in celebration of Trinity Sunday.

In July, as part of traditional support of creative activities of gifted children from Samara, Gazbank transferred funds for the purchase of costumes for Samara school team “Gagarin’s dreams”. Children, dressed in beautiful and bright costumes provided by Gazbank, will defend the honor of Samara at the International festival of Club of the Funny and Inventive that is held in September in Anapa.

“Our team is called “Gagarin’s dreams”. Gagarin was the first man in space, so we have to become the first too. We will try. Having costumes provided by Gaba, we will definitely become as lucky and successful as her! It’s a real lucky charm from the native city and its best bank”, - said children before setting off to the festival.

Every month financial support is provided to basketball club “Samara”.

Year 2016

In February Gazbank provided financial support for organization and holding of Open rhythmic gymnastics championship of the Samara region called “Pearls of Zhiguli”. For the fifteenth time Gazbank became an official sponsor of that event.

In March Gazbank transferred funds for preparation and holding of National Economy Institute’s concert program within the arts festival “Student spring-2016”.

In June, in celebration of International Children Protection Day, Bank provided financial support for organization of medical-preventive activities for children in “Samara city dental clinic No.1”.

Moreover, in cooperation with the Samara branch of All-Russian society of the disabled, the Bank presented toys and sweet presents to 217 non-mobile disabled children from Samara.

In June, as well, the Bank made a charitable donation towards the holding of the annual orthodox Trinity festival in Carevshina settlement.

In April 50 commemorative medals dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Russian-Bulgarian friendship were bought by the Bank and donated to the city to be awarded to honored guests of Samara.

In August the Bank provided assistance in equipping an intensive care unit of Samara regional clinical cardiology dispensary with AC split-system.

In September Gazbank became a partner of People’s bonded loan. The campaign was initiated by the Governor of the Samara region Nickolay Merkushkin. Its main aim was to attract people’s and investors’ money for implementation of projects that are socially significant to the Samara region. A large-scale investment project of Samara historical city renovation called “5 blocks” was chosen as a pilot project. Nickolay Merkushkin was one of the first purchasers of the bonds.

“Even at this stage we can see a great demand for bonds, there are offers from several banks to purchase 100% of emission, but we are of the opinion that it is necessary, first of all, to give a chance to people to become participants of bonded loans. This is the first such step in the country to attract funds from the public,” claimed Nickolay Merkushkin.

In September the Bank continued its active social policy. It bought and presented sweet presents to 220 handicapped children from Samara.

Besides that, the Bank donated money to the organization of a cultural project that is very important to the Samara region – IX International Shiryaevo Biennale.

In October the Bank made a donation to modernization of IT-park of Samara State University of Economics as a gift to 85 anniversary of the University.

In December the Bank invited its clients’ children to the ninth annual “Christmas party at Gaba’s”. The event held in the central office of the Bank was visited by more than 1.5 thousand people. The leading actors of Samara theaters participated in the performance for children. Fantasy New-Year scenery and the performance based on the scenario specially written for Gazbank delighted the young spectators. “Christmas party at GaBa’s” once again proved itself as the best Christmas show for children in the Samara region. The Bank doesn’t also forget about handicapped children who can’t take part in city festivals. Especially for them a home delivery of 220 Christmas presents was organized by the Bank.

In 2016 the Bank was a permanent sponsor of Samara basketball club “Samara”.

During 16 years the Bank has been providing financial assistance to Samara hospice.

Year 2015

In January Gazbank sponsored the ceremony of the XII Russian Film Award “Golden Eagle-2014”, traditionally held in Moscow, at Mosfilm studio.

In February Gazbank traditionally participated in the Fourth charity auction “Samarskiy” and purchased a masterpiece called “Forest” by Samara artist Mikhail Shulpin. The funds raised at this auction were spend on implementation of the program “Emergency aid to sick children from the Samara region” and on implementation of other socially-oriented projects.

In February Gazbank also became a partner of Open Championship of the Samara region in rhythmic gymnastics “Pearl of Zhiguli”. During this event, apart from competition itself, Olympic gymnastics champion in group exercises (XXIX Olympic Games, Beijing -2008) Anna Gavrilenko carried out a workshop for 200 gymnasts.

In March, the Bank sponsored the third stage of the professional skills competition “Community of Professionals-2015” held among the social and psychological units, logopedists, psychologists, speech pathologists, social teachers of the educational institutions of urban district Samara. All participants were congratulated and given memorable gifts from JSCB “Gazbank”.

In March 2015 International rating agency Moody’s once again confirmed a high long-term credit rating of JSCB “GAZBANK” at level B3, with stable outlook. National scale rating also remained the same - During the last five years International rating agency has been confirming the stable credit rating of Gazbank, which means the high stability and reliability of the bank in the Russian financial services market.

In April, an unusual gift was made by Gazbank to the special boarding school No. 117 for Cosmonautics Day - a rocket- observatory that was installed at school’s hall to the delight of children with hearing impairment and guests of the school.

In May Gazbank was renamed pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation. By the decision of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders dated March 25,2015 (Minutes No.83) the full and abbreviated names of CLOSED JOINT STOCK COMPANY COMMERCIAL BANK “GAZBANK” were brought in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and changed into JOINT-STOCK COMPANY COMMERCIAL BANK “GAZBANK” JSCB “GAZBANK”, the Articles of Association were approved as amended. The Bank’s Articles of Association were registered on May 14, 2015 by Federal Tax Service Inspectorate of Krasnoglinskiy district of Samara following the decision made on May 06, 2015 by Central bank of the Russian Federation. Due to the change of the Bank’s name and the names of some bank transactions in accordance with the Federal law No. 162-FZ dd. June 27, 2011 “On amendments being made to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation following the adoption of the Federal law “On the National Payment System” the general license issued by Central Bank of the Russian Federation for carrying out bank transactions No. 2316 dd. July 22, 2002 and the license issued by Central bank of the Russian Federation for carrying out bank transactions No. 2316 dd. July 22, 2002 were replaced with the general license issued by Central Bank of the Russian Federation for carrying out bank transactions No. 2316 dd. June 15, 2015 and the license issued by Central bank of the Russian Federation for carrying out bank transactions No. 2316 dd. June 15, 2015.

In June, following the long-standing tradition, Gazbank congratulated children on the International Children Protection Day. Together with All-Russian society of the disabled Gazbank organized a big charity action that started on June 1 and covered all Samara districts. During one month 213 handicapped children got sweet presents and fluffy toys. Seeing that most of them are non-mobile children, the presents were delivered at their homes.

In July Gazbank entered into agreement on strategic cooperation with Samara State University of Economics.

In September Gazbank held an event called “GaBa congratulates on Knowledge Day!” Presents from GaBa were delivered to disabled children at their homes! Notebooks, sweets and toys from GaBa – all these were given to every child who is in care of Samara regional organization “All-Russian society of the disabled”.

On September 10th, Gazbank took part in Russian National Campaign “Days of financial awareness in educational institutions”. This program has been implemented in Russia since 2011 and carried out with the support of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Union of Banks of the Samara region. In September thousands of pupils throughout the country met at demonstration lessons with the respected financial experts - university professors, employees of the largest Russian banks, exchange houses, broker’s offices, insurance and investment companies, rating agencies. The aim of this campaign was to teach children how to use financial resources and services properly. During this campaign Aleksey Bagryancev, the Deputy Director of Corporate lending department of JSCB “GAZBANK”, gave some interactive lectures on the topic of “Consumer Economy” for pupils of 6-7 grades of Samara school No. 41.

In October, Gazbank installed new modern play systems in Samara children’s clinical hospital No.1 – wall-mounted system Train Culture express and Play table Beadstree Table Orange. Systems with play modules brightened up the premises of the hospital where children sometimes have to stay for a long time due to their illness.

In November Gazbank’s “Good news Service” was recognized as one of the most accessible and the most efficient among Russian banks’ call-centers. According to information portal, hot lines of 120 banks throughout the country were tested. In this research Gazbank’s call-center “Good news Service” shown the highest quality of the telephone service provided to its clients. FCR – (First Contact Resolution) was equal to 90-97% out of 100% possible, which means problems of clients were solved easily, promptly and in a quality manner almost in all cases.

In December National Rating Agency (NRA) confirmed Gazbank’s credit rating at level “A+”, according to National scale rating; outlook is stable. According to National Rating Agency, key factors having a positive impact on the level of Bank’s credit rating include stable liquidity positions of the Bank (the Bank outsized minimum required targets and values showing liquidity; high-quality security portfolio was formed and can be used as a source of additional liquidity) and a comfort level of capital adequacy (as of November 1, 2015 it was 14,24%). National Rating Agency has also noticed that Gazbank managed to reduce the level of past-due indebtedness by discharging past-due liabilities with monetary funds and disposed loan security.

On December 27, a traditional “Christmas Party at GaBa’s” was held. As usual, it was marked by happy voices of children, foot- tapping music and vivid emotions. More than 600 little guests came to visit GaBa –clients’ and employees’ children eagerly await this festival each year as the main Christmas miracle. The highlight of the event was a bright theatrical performance in Russian folk style. Favorite heroes both surprised and delighted children – Russian legendary heroes were fighting in the ring, Solovei the Whistler-Robber tried to overwhistle spectators, the Snow Queen sang to a balalaika, and all characters burst into dance - horses, rabbits, trained dogs and even a big golden samovar! The roles of main characters were performed by Samara children, famous actors of Samara Academic Drama Theatre and, of course, the best dancing groups from Samara and Togliatti. It was a pleasure for young spectators to participate in performance – they helped themselves to sweet lollipops at the fair, hustled off Solovei the Whistler-Robber with balls- bomb throwers, showed Father Christmas the way, sang and danced together with GaBa. At the end – fantastic firework and fast and furious roundelay disco!

Year 2014

In January city authorities pronounced Gazbank’s Central Office a winner of the competition on the best festive decorations among enterprises, companies and institutions of Leninskiy district of Samara. Members of competition jury duly appreciated colorful Christmas decorations, bright illumination and, of course, Gazbank’s Christmas trees lavishly decorated with exclusive Christmas balls. But most impressive of all was the 10-meter high LED Christmas tree “Feyeriya” installed at a square in front of the Bank’s Central office. A unique lighting installation is justly considered to be one of the most beautiful in the city and up until now citizens from all Samara districts rush to take a look at it and take some pictures. Business-center “Samarskiy” of JSCB Gazbank became the third in the competition on the best Christmas decorations among service-rendering enterprises of Zheleznodorozhniy district of Samara.

During New Year holidays and school break Gazbank organized a charity event for children. 213 presents were given to children from Samara rehabilitation center “Varrel”, “All-Russian society of the disabled” and “City center providing social support to families and children”.

In February Adler branch of Gazbank, just like the whole Olympic Sochi, welcomed guests from all over the world and Russia in its office. It was possible to get an Olympic 100-rubles note by using any service of the Bank.

In March Gazbank proudly presented a new profitable deposit “Mayak”! Increased interest rates, variety of terms and favorable conditions of early termination are available for everybody. Following a client’s request, this deposit can be opened for the period from 120 to 740 days. Maximum interest rate is 9,99% per year and this is a real spring gift from Gazbank. Clients can open a deposit “Mayak” in any Gazbank office. All you need to have is your passport.

From February 27 to March 1, an amazing festival of beauty and elegance - Open rhythmic gymnastics championship “Pearls of Zhiguli” - was held in educational sports center “Grace” in Samara. Gazbank sponsored this event. About 200 gymnasts from different Russian cities – Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Birsk, Zarechniy, Volgograd and, of course, from the Samara region, – took part in the championship.

In April Aleksandr Miroshnichenko (Gvardeec), the most famous BMX-rider from Samara, who has been representing Gazbank brand at the federal and international level for 4 years, became one of the five best riders of Russia following the results of “Breakthrough-2014”. Extreme show took place in Moscow, at the stadium “Olympiyskiy” and attracted more than 15 000 spectators.

In May an exhibition “Maestro of realism” by one of the most famous and honored Samara artists Rudolf Baranov was opened in “Victoriya” gallery, Samara. This event was supported by Gazbank. The exhibition “Maestro of realism” was dedicated to the awarding of a distinguished title of Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts to Rudolf Baranov. Visitors had an opportunity to see 63 pictures of Samara master: portraits, landscapes and large-scale complex compositions of different years.

In June a great festival for handicapped children was held in children’s fun fair “Limbo”. Such events are dedicated to International Children Protection Day and organized every year by “All-Russian society of the disabled”. Gazbank and Charity Fund “We wish you happiness!” were sponsors of the event.

On June 18, an official opening of the 36th Moscow International Film Festival took place at Moscow cinema “Rossiya”. For the 12th time Gazbank became an official sponsor of the main film festival. This year the ceremony was opened by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinskiy. 1144 films from 61 countries were presented to the honored jury of the festival. On June 26, at Festive Center “Oktyabr”, President of Film Festival Nikita Mikhalkov granted Gazbank an Honorary Diploma for Sponsorship.

On June 28, at the closing ceremony of the Festival, Mikhalkov announced that this year more than 75 thousand viewers and 7 thousand guests, participants and members of press watched the films.

On June 24, Charity Fund “We wish you happiness!”, established by Gazbank, transferred funds to the medical treatment of Denis Ivanov who needed a surgery for kidney transplantation.

In July Gazbank sponsored the 14th All-Russian Sailing Regatta “Festival in honor of Vladimir Visotskiy”, which took place on July 25 on the shore of the Volga River. World and European Champion Yu. Konovalov, double Olympic champion O. Saitov, Olympic athletes K. Emelyanov and A. Yanin as well as other yachtsmen participated in regatta.

In August, shortly before the beginning of a school year, a colorful charity festival “Childhood country” took place at Lokomotiv stadium with the assistance of Gazbank. Children from social rehabilitation center for minors “Topolek”, an orphan home “Edinstvo (Togliatti), an orphan home No.1 named after Boris Frolov (Samara), Sergievsk social-rehabilitation center for minors “Yantar” and others took part in the event.

In September a subsidiary office of Gazbank opened in Syzran – it’s called “Business-center “Syzranskiy”. Syzran office is comfortably located in the town’s central street at the address: 25, Sovetskaya st. (1st floor of the office building). Attractive location and optimal transport connections allow clients to reach Gazbank’s office from any part of the city. “Business-center “Syzranskiy” offers full range of banking services both for individuals and legal entities.

On September 25, 2014 International rating agency Moody’s confirmed previously awarded credit rating at level B3. Rating outlook is stable.

In October a heartwarming and eagerly anticipated gala was held in Community center for deaf people “Avrora” to celebrate International Day of Older Persons. Gazbank sponsored this event. Such veterans of the stage as Nikiforova N.I., Orlickaya A.M., Serkin V.I., Matveeva E.P., Pavlova V.I., Eremeev Yu. Kh. made 300 guests of this gala happy. They presented a concert program that was awarded 10 diplomas at the II Contest of concert programs among veterans in September in Sochi. As a gift to veterans, a magician and illusionist Vladimir Shuvalov showed his new program.

Year 2013

The results of 2013 have proven Gazbank’s intention to remain financially stable under different market circumstances. Thus, following the results of 2013, Bank’s capital overpassed 4.4 billion rubles; the total volume of reserves made towards Bank’s assets reached 3.6 billion rubles. The results of Bank’s activities in 2013 were duly appreciated by its clients, including individuals who entrusted to Gazbank the deposits of total amount equal to 11,7 billion rubles.

Agency Moody’s confirmed international ratings of Gazbank at level В3/Not Prime/E+. All long-term ratings of Gazbank have stable outlook. According to the Moody’s estimate, the Bank managed to increase the volume of its loan portfolio by 12% for 2012 with unchanged amount of total value of assets. Net profit also increased in 2012 by 12%.

On January 17, for the second time in a row, Gazbank became a winner of a city contest for the best holiday decoration in nomination of “The best complex Christmas decoration”. The following criteria were used in assessment of festive decorations of Gazbank and other companies – singularity of the idea, composition, compliance with the offered theme and number of decorated objects. Gazbank became the best and created the atmosphere of New Year’s miracle not only for its clients, but for all citizens.

On January 25, a solemn ceremony of Russian Film Award “Golden Eagle” was held in Moscow. This award is annually given by the National Academy of cinematic arts and sciences of Russia. And again, for the 11th time, Gazbank became an official sponsor of the main Russian film award.

“Charity, contribution to Russian cinematography, - Chairman of Filmmakers Union Nikita Mikhalkov said from the stage, - is not theatrical, not artificial. It’s human contribution. It requires genuine unselfishness. You should have a heart of gold to be able to feel happy just because you can help somebody. That is why I am happy to say that such people as they are our family. Regardless the amount and visibility of their contribution.”

On April 19-20, the VI interregional contest-festival of instrumental music “Viola Art” was held in Children School of Music named after Bashmet Yu.A. in Novokuybishevsk. This event was supported by Gazbank. Children music groups from Chuvashia, Tatarstan and the Ulyanovsk region took part in the festival.

In June Gazbank provided assistance to a new film project of Moscow studio “Yastrebfilm” – filming of a new up-to-date film called “Elephants” concerning preservation of wild nature of Africa and its inhabitants.

On June 20, Gazbank sponsored a new unconventional photo-project of a famous director of Samara Academic Drama theatre. An opening of photography exhibition “DUENDE” by German Grekov took place in Art Gallery “Novoe prostranstvo”.

In August Gazbank took part in All-Russian charity event by providing support to those people who suffered from the natural disaster – a flood in the Amur region.

In September Gazbank organized a large-scale charity action dedicated to the beginning of a new School year. 25 children institutions (orphan homes, social shelters, orphan boarding schools) of the Samara region were given presents for their children.

In October, a charity fund established by Gazbank “We wish you happiness!” transferred funds to the purchase of two new hearing devices for Viktoriya Mitrofanova, a gifted girl from Samara.

Year 2012

Following the results of 2012, Bank’s equity capital overpassed 4 billion rubles and the total volume of reserves made towards Bank’s assets reached over 3 billion rubles. These indicators prove the stability of Gazbank in the financial services market and guarantee the safety of deposits there. Following the results of 2012, depositors entrusted more than 13 billion rubles to Gazbank. This figure is conclusive evidence of high level of trust from public.

Net profit of Bank in 2012 was more than 130 million rubles, which means Bank’s top-management chose an efficient policy.

On January 18, Gazbank took a prize in the nomination “The best New Year decoration”. Gazbank holds an honorary place for its 10-meter-high art-installation called “Feyeriya”. This installation has been specially manufactured for Gazbank by the specialists from Saint-Petersburg and its purpose is to decorate the square in front of the Bank.

On January 27, the 10th anniversary ceremony of presenting National award in the field of cinematography “Golden Eagle” was held. Gazbank has been the official partner of the main film award of Russia for the 10th year in a row.

Nikita Mikhalkov, Chairman of Filmmakers Union said: «We are endlessly grateful to Gazbank! They are real friends and partners. We are happy to be together!”

On June 21, the opening ceremony of the 34th International Moscow Film Festival was held in Moscow. Remaining loyal to its old traditions, Gazbank supported this event.

Festival President Nikita Mikhalkov: “Moscow film festival is a place where a lot of stars were born. We really want to support the youth. We will preserve our team and, as we hope, good relations will all our friends and partners in order to develop film festival and Russian cinematography. Together! With such loyal friends as Gazbank.”

On June 28, Gazbank acted as an investor of football club “Krilya Sovetov” (Samara) and provided charitable assistance to the favorite football club of all Samara citizens. Thus, Gazbank acts in a unified manner with the policy of the Samara region authorities and responses to an appeal of the Governor of the Samara region Merkushkin N.I., which is to support football club, which is pride and joy of our region.

On June 30, Gazbank traditionally sponsored the large-scaled event within the territory of Kin Up island – “The opening of the Water Season 3: D`Black and Vladimir Avetisyan” with the participation of D`Black and Vladimir Avetisyan.

On July 7-8 a summer stage of International competition on extreme sports Adrenalin Games-2012 was held in Moscow. Gazbank rider Aleksandr Miroshnichenko took part in this contest. Following the results of the contest, he was among the ten best riders of our country and properly presented Gazbank brand.

On July 23-29 one of the biggest international festivals of extreme sports - A-ZOV FEST – was held in the territory of Dolzhanskaya station (the Krasnodar Territory). Gazbank rider Aleksandr Miroshnichenko was second in this contest, which is a breakthrough for Samara extreme sport and BMX.

On December 8, for the third consecutive year, Entertainment Center “Zvezda” hosted one of the most vivid cultural events of Samara city – “Concert for John and George”. This event was organized with support from Gazbank. This musical festival is dedicated to quartet “The Beatles” and its two vocalists - John Lennon and George Harrison. The concert attracted around 3000 citizens of Samara and fans of The Beatles.

On December 23, Central Office of Gazbank turned into a winter fairy-tale. Remaining loyal to its old tradition, Gazbank invited its clients’ and partners’ children to the show “Christmas party at GaBa’s”. Decorations transformed a hall of Gazbank beyond recognition. A unique scenario was written specially for this performance and the on-stage performance group was formed from the actors of Samart theatre and Samara Academic Drama Theatre, famous dance groups and children performance groups from Samara and Togliatti. For 4 years of its existence this event has become one of the most desirable. It is a great piece of luck to get a chance to come to this Party. Children are waiting for GaBa’s party for the whole year!

Gazbank hall turned into a fairy tale, beautiful and unconventional decorations have changed it beyond recognition. Children group “Colibri” (Togliatti), famous Samara dancers and groups, actors of Samart theatre and Samara Academic Drama theatre took part in this show. Children were delighted and had a lot of fun. Christmas Party at GaBa’s is a traditional New Year celebration and little boys and girls await this event eagerly!

Year 2011

On January 21, the XI ceremony of presenting National award in the field of cinematography “Golden Eagle” was held at film studio Mosfilm. Gazbank has been the official sponsor of the main Russian film award for the 8th year in a row. Samara’s bank supports the development of Russian cinematography on the regular basis, investing significant amounts of money to its development.

On April 15-18, Russian Championship on ARDF among teenagers was held in Stavropol. Gazbank provided financial support by transferring the funds for producing uniform for Samara participants.

Elena Budaeva, 14 years old, a participant of Samara team from the Union of radio amateurs, Samara, shared her impressions: “Gazbank presented us a fantastic uniform. At the championship we looked best of all. Hope, this uniform will serve us for a long time.”

On May 27-28 the IX All-Russian scientific forum called “Relevant problems of private-law regulation” was held in Samara State University. Gazbank supported this educational institution and provided financial assistance that is so much needed to the university.

On June 3, Samara city social organization of wheelchair people “Association Desnica” organized a quiz “My native city”. 27 children gathered in Samara regional museum of local history named after P. Alabin. Gazbank sponsored this event.

Pushkarskiy Artem, 14 years old, and Ahmetshin Rustam, 16 years old: “We liked the event a lot, it was really interesting and the presents were good, - said children, - now we know more about Samara. School break has begun and we are going to a summer camp. After that we are going to Penza to take part in football cup! We wish GaBA, who presented this festival to us, a career growth and prosperity!”

On June 5, a solemn ceremony of setting up a dome to Religious and Educational center took place in the territory of Cyril and Methodius Cathedral. Gazbank provided financial support for the purchase of materials to set up the dome. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral is one of the biggest cathedrals in the territory of Middle Volga and the only cathedral in Russia that is consecrated in the honor of Equal-to-the-Apostles Saints. Setting up a dome was a milestone event for the cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Samara.

On June 23, the 33rd International Moscow Film Festival was opened in Moscow, at “Pushkinskiy” cinema. For the eighth consecutive year, Gazbank has been an official sponsor of the main Russian film forum.

Nikita Mikhalkov, President of the Moscow International Film Festival said: “The 33rd Film Festival turned out well! Mainly due to participation of Samara partners. Gazbank has been supporting our International Film Festival for 8 years. And I’m really happy to say that we manage to realize a lot of different programs of our festival only due to your help”

On September 26, performance “The crazy day, or The Marriage of Figaro” of Moscow theatre “Tabakerka”, directed by Oleg Tabakov, was given on the stage of Samara Opera and Ballet House. Gazbank was a sponsor of that tour.

On October 28, Municipal dental clinic turned 80 years. Gazbank provided significant support for buying dental unit for clinic. Now this equipment is used for providing free medical treatment to citizens, war veterans and war workers.

On December 25, a traditional “Christmas Party at GaBa’s” was held in Central office of Gazbank. The hall again transformed and delighted the children and their parents with its brightness, beauty and light. A Moscow troop of trained animals was invited to Samara. Actors from Samart theatre, children groups from Samara and Togliatti as well as famous adult groups took part in the show. During the show and during the waiting for guests, some new and modern toys such as flying fish and dancing robots were used.

Year 2010

From July 1 to July 4 the First International Festival of Argentine tango “Tango-Session 2010” was held in Samara. Gazbank provided significant support for organization and holding of this event.

On June 17 the Opening ceremony of 32nd International Moscow Film Festival was held in Moscow, at “Pushkinskiy” cinema. For the seventh consecutive year Gazbank has been an official sponsor of the festival; moreover, it was the only regional sponsor and the only bank that supports this large-scale event.

On April 5 and 6 qualifying stages for two International contest of young singers - “New Wave” and “Children New Wave” were held in Samara for the first time. This yea, qualifying stages of this well-known contest were presented in Privolzhskiy Federal district by Gazbank.

For the seventh time Gazbank became a sponsor of solemn ceremony of presenting National award in the field of cinematography “Golden Eagle”.

Year 2009

On January 6, Gazbank offered to the citizens of the Samara region a new and unique service – plastic pension card. In June there already were more than 40 thousand holders of that card.

On January 23, the VII ceremony of presenting National award in the field of cinematography “Golden Eagle” was held in Moscow. And for the seventh time Gazbank became a sponsor of the main Russian film award.

On April 1, Gazbank presented a new line of deposits “Dachniy sezon”. Well-loved deposits Arbuzniy, Klubnichniy, Oliviye, Yablochniy, Kapustniy attracted nearly 3 billion rubles! (as of July 21, 2009) to Gazbank. All in all, more than 9 billion rubles were entrusted to Gazbank. Gazbank is a member of deposit insurance system.

On April 1, the Second Charity Marathon “We wish you happiness!” started in the Samara region. The aim of the marathon, organized by Gazbank and Charity fund “We wish you happiness!”, was the raising of funds for orphans with limited health capacities. The Government of the Samara region was the official partner of the marathon. An awesome gala became the main event of the marathon. This gala took place on June 6 at the embankment near Ladya. All funds raised during the marathon were going to be allocated to orphans with limited health capacities.

As of July 20, 2009, 4 591 684 rubles has been raised. The raising of funds is still continuing.

On April 1, Gazbank became the 35th in the rating of the most reliable banks of Russia (magazine “Profil”, as of May 25, 2009). It should be noted that the difficult economic situation that develop in autumn, 2008 not only hadn’t affected Bank’s positions in rating, but quite contrary, Gazbank improved its position for 7 points (in October 1, 2008 Gazbank was 42nd). Gazbank is still the only bank of the Samara region that was included in TOP-50 banks of the federal rating of credibility.

On May 20, a Division of corporate PR-policy and marketing of JSCB “GAZBANK” was recognized as one of the best pr-services in the region. From June 19 to June 28, the 31st Moscow International Film Festival was held in Moscow. Following the good tradition, Gazbank became the partner of the festival.

On September 17, following the result of the first half of 2009, Gazbank was recognized as the most “automobile lending bank” among the banks of the Samara region with Russian capital.

On September 21, implementation of the joint project of pensioners of the Samara region “The first mutual benefit fund” was started.

On December 27 and 28 a performance of a fairy-tale show “New Year Watch” was held with a great success. Gazbank and Charity Fund “We wish you happiness” were the organizers of this event. More than 8 thousand people came in total to 6 performances; more than a thousand of them are the children from special orphan’s homes of the Samara region.

Year 2008

In February Gazbank was awarded a status of affiliated member of Master Card system.

On March 17, Gazbank opened a new modern office in Sochi.

In the year of its 15th anniversary, recognizing the social responsibility of business, Gazbank established Charity Fund “We wish you happiness”. This Charity Fund organized the First Charity Marathon “We wish you happiness!” that was held in the Samara region from March 1 till June 1. The aim of this marathon was to provide support to children living in the Samara region who suffer from oncological diseases. 71 children got real support, care, and, most importantly, sincere attention. Detailed information is available at the marathon’s website

On April 28, Gazbank celebrated its 15th birthday. In honor of the anniversary, shareholders and employees of the Bank were awarded Orders “To the glory and prosperity of Russia”. The Order was established by the Counsel of Public awards of Russia. At the day of its birthday Bank obtained its own anthem “Gazbank is me”. The anniversary was celebrated with the music of exclusive “crystal” piano Schimmel Transparent. Now clients and employees of Gazbank can hear the sounds of this piano every day at the hall of Gazbank. Gifted children from Samara, as well as winners of regional and international contests play this piano.

On July 8, the Board of directors of JSCB “Gazbank” passed a decision on the increase of Bank Stock for 1 billion rubles.

On September 2, Central Bank of Russia approved a report on the additional issue of shares. The Bank Stock amounted to 1 998 176 thousand rubles and the equity capital overpassed 4 billion rubles.

As of August 1, pretax profit of Gazbank was 883 105 thousand rubes, which shows the high efficiency of the Bank in 2008 and equates it with the most profitable banks of Russia.

On September 2, Central Bank of the RF approved a report on additional issue of JSCB “Gazbank” shares for 1 billion rubles. As a result, Bank Stock doubled and amounted to 1 998 176 thousand rubles.

On November 28 and 29, Gazbank and GaBa presented a final of the International Contest of Young Singers “Children’s New Wave – 2008”. 18 singers from 13 countries performed at the stage of concert hall of “Cosmos” hotel.

Year 2007

In May, a debut issue of Credit-linked notes (CLN) of JSCB “Gazbank” was placed. The amount of transaction amounted to $100 million. Bank of Moscow acted as an organizer of placement and it was its debut in the market of debt instruments in foreign currency.

JSCB “Gazbank” became the first bank of the Samara region that attracted funds under term credit, which was placed in the form of CLN - credit linked notes that are to be issued only by credit institutions.

In June, a new central office of Gazbank was opened. Multistory building is located in a business center of Samara, at Molodogvardeiskaya 224, and is the most modern bank office and a new attraction of Samara. European level of comfort and design makes it attractive and comfortable for Bank’s partners.

On November 13, International rating agency Moody’s (Moody’s Investors Service) confirmed a long-term credit rating of JSCB “GAZBANK” at level B2, short-term financial strength rating at level “E+”, national scale rating at level “Ваа1” (agency Moody’s Interfax).

Year 2006

On January 27, trades in certified interest-bearing non-convertible bearer bonds of Series 01 with mandatory centralized custody of CJSC Commercial bank “GAZBANK” started on MICEX. Issue amount was 750 thousand bonds, with par value 1 thousand rubles each. 6 coupon payments were envisaged for the issue.

On December 1, a contest was organized by the Government of the Samara region, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Rating agency of the Samara region in which JSCB “Gazbank” was recognized as A Company of a Year in the nomination of “High Financial Productivity”.

Among the most important achievements of Gazbank in 2006 were the following: a three-fold increase of net profit; improvement of bank services; increase in growth of income generating assets by 1.4 times; increase of equity capital till 2 055 million rubles (by 65% since the beginning of the year); increase in Bank Stock by almost two times – till 998 million rubles.

Year 2005

On February 1, according to rating, out of all Samara regional banks only Gazbank moved to a group “low level of credit risk” and took the 38th place among the leading banks of Russia.

Pursuant to the requirements of International Accounting Standards, CJSC “KPMG” audited the activity of JSCB “Gazbank” following the results of 2004.

In the rating of “Top-200 commercial banks that are less likely to bankrupt in 2005” published in magazine “National banking journal”, Gazbank took the 9th place, being just 1 point lower than Sberbank of the Russian Federation and leaving behind all the other regional banks of the Samara region. The likelihood of bankruptcy was only 4,69 %.

Following the results of 2004, depository of JSCB “Gazbank”, the only one in the Samara region, was included into the rating of TOP 30 largest Russian depositories in terms of market value of deponents’ securities taking for servicing.

On October 24 International rating agency Moody’s assigned to JSCB “Gazbank” a long-term credit rating at the level “B2”. Outlook is stable.

On November 15, the presentation of a first JSCB “Gazbank” bond loan took place. Bank issued 750 thousand bonds with par value of 1 thousand rubles each. Maturity of bonds will be 3 years. The interest rate for semiannual coupons in the first year was determined during the auction, in the consecutive years – set by the Bank. The Bank provides an annual offer for a preschedule bond buyback at their principal amount. Starting date of bond placement is November 22, 2005.

On November 22, a debut placement of a three-year bond loan of JSCB “Gazbank” was made at Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. The amount of loan was 750 million rubles, the par value of each bond is 1000 rubles. An annual offer at the principal amount is provided.

In 2005 there was an active expansion of additional offices network – 11 offices were opened (8 in Samara, 1 in Novokuibyshevsk and 2 in Togliatti).

Year 2004

The policy pursued by the Bank in 2004 led to a favorable result – pretax profit was doubled compared to 2003.

Gazbank became a member of a state deposit insurance system and once again won a tender for servicing funds of a regional budget.

A regular emission was produced. Following its results Bank Stock increased by 178,2 million rubles and reached 344,2 million rubles.

As of January 1, 2005 Gazbank’s share in the regional banking services market was about 20%.

Year 2003

Gazbank became a leader among the regional banks in terms of key financial indicators. During a year the Bank was among the 50 largest retail banks of Russia.

Gazbank obtained Stock-exchange Broker license for futures and option transactions in exchange trade in the territory of the Russian Federation. Gazbank was the only regional bank that was among ten largest leading operators of stock market for repurchase transactions with shares and corporate bonds at MICEX.

Gazbank won a tender, held by the Administration of the Samara region, for servicing funds of the regional budget.

Year 2002

In 2002 Gazbank started actively develop a retail direction of its activity. For this purpose, “Investicionniy” branch was redirected to providing services to individuals only. The dynamics of branch development shows that the decision was right: for half of year “Investicionniy” managed to increase the volume of deposits by 5 times – from 23 million rubles to 110 million rubles.

Following the results of 2002, Gazbank became a leader among the regional banks of the Samara region in terms of the amount of deposits attracted from citizens. Citizens of the Samara region entrusted to Gazbank more than a billion rubles.

In September 2002, Gazbank became the first regional bank of the Samara region that was awarded a status of associated member of the international payment system VISA.

Ahead of coming adoption of International Accounting Standards, the shareholders of the Bank made a decision to appoint International auditing company “KPMG” as an auditor of the Bank’s annual financial statements for 2002. “KPMG” is one of the five largest audit companies.

Year 2001

At the end of 2000 a decision was made to re-register an additional office in Dimitrovgrad to the branch.

“Dimitrovgradskiy” branch was opened on March 14, 2001.

In 2001 a new, improved system of a banking day RS-Bank v. 5 was put into service. It superseded the system ABS “Pyramid” previously used by the Bank. The advantages of the new software are obvious already now: speed and quality of information processing, savings on equipment supporting this system.

For the purpose of further improvement of the system, an agreement was entered into between company «R-Style Software Lab.» and the Bank, pursuant to which Gazbank was awarded a status of a Main Bank for software complex RS-Bank v. 5.1.

The process of implementing automated system for retail banking services RS-Retail and automated system for granting credits to individuals RS-Loans was started.

Year 2000

Gazbank has shown a growth of all key financial indicators and proved its status as one of the leaders in the financial market of the region.

Gazbank started issuing plastic cards Diners Club.

Since July Gazbank has been a member of a municipal payment system NCC.

On November 29, Gazbank obtained a license of a professional member of securities market for carrying out security management No. 163-03414-001000.

Year 1999

New grounds were opened: additional offices in Dimitrovgrad (the Ulyanovsk region) and Togliatti. Rapid development of Togliatti’s office resulted in its re-registration to a branch (date of opening – April 30, 1999). In February, Rules of Issuing Certificates of Deposit and Saving Certificates were registered, which allowed Gazbank to extend the scope of financial instruments for attracting funds.

On July 29, Gazbank obtained Central Bank license for carrying out operations with precious metals.

In July Gazbank signed up a contract on distribution of American Express plastic cards.

An important achievement of ACS department was a commissioning of a new system of a currency banking day –its commissioning enabled to carry out all transactions with foreign currency in a real scale with their immediate display in Bank’s overall balance.

Year 1998

Over the preiod of its existence, Gazbank has been steadily and actively improving its main business indicators and spread gradually in new markets.

Increase in volume of transactions and flow of new clients resulted in the opening of an additional office in Samara.

Specialists of ACS department have successfully completed the process of transferring the bank accounting to the new book of accounts with simultaneous denomination in the end of 1997 – the beginning of 1998. Gazbank started providing a new service to its clients – an opportunity to carry out operations with their settlement account via a special system “Bank-client” (“MW Client”). In the circumstances of a financial and economic crisis that occurred in August, Gazbank fulfilled its obligations in a timely manner, carried out all transaction accurately and without delays and helped its clients to “save” their money that were in troubled banks.

Stable activity in the crisis led to the enhancement of Gazbank credibility in the eyes of depositors and corporate clients and strengthened its position in the region. Thus, the number of clients increased by 60% for 1998 (especially rapid this process was in September-October), and the balances of clients’ accounts almost doubled.

On November 20, Gazbank was admitted as a member of an exchange market section of MICEX.

By the decision of Department of Economy of the Samara Region Administration, the Bank became a member of consulting companies that develop and examine investment projects, participate in different tenders for credit resources and provision of state guarantees from regional budget.

Pursuant to contract entered into Gazbank and Administration of the Samara region, Gazbank carried out a range of works concerning financial support and monitoring of a number of regional special-purpose programs (conversion, support of small business, construction of housing for employees of budgetary enterprises).

The work on implementing the project on Housing bond loan was successfully completed – the city received in total more than 21,8 thousand square meters of housing.

Year 1997

Since 1996 Gazbank had been among a hundred of the most reliable small and medium-sized banks of Russia, following a number of different ratings. In 1997 it was already among 200 of the largest banks of Russia in terms of the value of equity capital and the amount of net assets.

Within the program of universalization, Gazbank started implementation of several plastic cards programs at the same time. It started issuing its own petrol cards “Gazbank-Avtocard”. Clients of Gazbank got the opportunity to become holders of plastic cards of such International Payment Systems as VISA and MasterCard. In the same year Gazbank became the issuer of plastic cards Union Card.

In December Gazbank obtained a license of a member of securities market (it has been working in this market since 1993). This license granted the right to carry out broker, dealer and depository activities (including transactions with individuals).

In December Gazbank was admitted as a member of stock market section of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX).

During this year Gazbank successfully worked in Russian Trade System (RTS) with the shares of the largest companies.

Due to the increase in the volume of international financial transactions Gazbank became a member of the international payment system S.W.I.F.T., which is known to be of the highest level of security, reliability and accuracy of the transferred information.

Year 1996

In March, Gazbank obtained a General License of Central Bank of the Russian Federation for carrying out bank transactions, which helped to extend significantly the range of provided services.

In order to satisfy increasing demand for currency in cash, Gazbank opened 9 new currency exchange offices.

Gazbank raised the profile in Samara by opening two new branches – “Kuibyshevskiy” (date of opening - July 12, 1996) and “Kirovskiy” (date of opening – October 15, 1996).

In order to enable international settlements for interbank and clients transactions, correspondence relations were established with the largest Russian and foreign banks.

In November Gazbank was awarded a status of the official dealer of Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the market of Government Short-Term Bonds - Federal loan bonds, working on the trading platform in Samara.

In “Investicionniy” branch implementation of the housing bond loan project was successfully continued – at the beginning of 1997, more than 10 thousand square meters out of 20 thousand had already been built.

Since September information and technical complexes of International Reuters Agency were installed and put into operation at the Bank’s offices. This allowed Gazbank to receive news summery from all over the world and provided an access to all Russian participants of currency, money and securities market in online mode.

A unified automated system of transaction day “Pyramid” was successfully put into operation in the Bank.

Year 1995

At the moment of incorporation Gazbank focused on providing services to enterprises connected with each other by the system of extraction, construction of pipelines, transportation and selling of gaz. In 1995 customer base increased significantly.

The management of Gazbank made a decision to extend significantly the set of provided services with the aim of transforming from sectoral bank to universal one.

Gazbank continued working actively in the regional exchange market and became a shareholder of Samara Interbank Currency Exchange.

Gazbank was registered by Central Bank of the Russian Federation as a securities depository and started providing custody services for securities issuer.

In April Gazbank’s department of custody transactions started working as a regional depositary of Gazprombank for serving the shareholders of RJSC Gazprom.

For the convenience of clients – shareholders of RJSC Gazprom, residing in the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, Gazbank declared the commencement of the procedure aimed at their free transfer for service to the regional depository (according to the place of residence). Simultaneously, reconciliation of the Register of shareholders was undertaken.

On August 8, Gazbank, presented by branch “Investicionniy”, became a general manager for placement, service and circulation of Samara residential bond loan 1995-1998.

Year 1994

An internal license No. 2316 for carrying out bank transactions in foreign currency was obtained on August 25.

Gazbank continues to develop actively. On April 26, 1994 the first branch “Ulyanovskiy” (Ulyanovsk) was opened by Gazbank with the aim of expanding the activity and increasing marketability in the financial services market of Povolzhye.

On September 19 the branch “Investicionniy” was opened in Samara.

On October 19, Gazbank branch was registered in Yeysk city (the Krasnodar territory).

Year 1993

Joint-stock commercial bank “Gazbank” was registered on April 28 by Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) and obtained a license for carrying out bank transactions in rubles No. 2316 dated April 28, 1993.

On June 15th, the first client’s payment was made.